Dale Joseph Tramp
July 31, 1937 - March 30, 2020

Dale Joseph Tramp

Dale Joseph Tramp
Jul 31, 1937 - Mar 30, 2020

Dale Joseph Tramp
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Dale's Farewell will be Friday, July 31st, 4:00 PM at St Cecelia Church, 2900 Hoover Avenue, Ames, Iowa.
3:00 PM - Family will meet in the social hall.
4:00 PM - Father Terry will escort the Family into the main body of the church and begin the
Celebration of Mass.
The Homily by Father Terry will be reflective of Dale's life.
5:00 PM - Comments/testimonies from family and friends.
6:00 PM-ISH - Everyone is invited to a Gathering at the Big Bluestem Covered Shelter, Moore Park 3050 Northridge Parkway, Ames, 50010. We would love to have you join us. Please bring your own beverage, food, and a chair. There are picnic tables and chairs, in case you forget to bring a chair.

If anyone on Live Stream would like to add a comment during the comments/testimonies, please call
Tim Tramp's cell phone at 206-227-3672. Tim will take your call and put his phone up to the microphone so all in church will hear your testimony to Dale.


To see Dale Tramp life video:

Dale Joseph Tramp age 82 of Ames Iowa died at Northcrest Health Care Center in Ames on March 30, 2020. A Catholic Mass will be at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, July 31, 2020 at St. Ceclia Catholic Church, 2900 Hoover Ave., Ames, Iowa. Memorial contribution may be made to the family to be used at a later date once a fund has been established.

Dale was born on July 31, 1937 in Burbank South Dakota the son of Alphonse and Josephine Tramp. He graduated from Elk Point High School. Elk Point South Dakota. He went on to South Dakota University where he played football and majored in education. After college, Dale taught and coached in Ravinia, South Dakota. Dale married Eileen Doud on June 2nd, 1962 at Oyens, Iowa after meeting on a blind date 60 years ago. Dale then taught and coached football at Jefferson, South Dakota and Battle Creek, Iowa before moving to Ames in 1967 where Dale taught History and Coached Ames High Football. In 1970 Dale became Dean of Students at Ames High School retiring from there in 2000. However, he was not able to give up football and continued to coach until 2007.

Dale is survived by his wife Eileen Tramp of 57 years, sons, Tim (Beth) Tramp, Todd Tramp, Marty Junkins, 2 granddaughters, Jessica and Julie Tramp a sister, Betty McKelvey, sister-in-law Joyce Tramp. In addition, Dale (Opah) is survived by his family in Germany who are not blood relatives, but "related by heart" They are Melvin and Andrea Davis, , granddaughters Rebecca, and Kimberly Eileen, and Great Granddaughter Eileen

Dale was preceded in death by his parents, and two Brothers Darrell and Duane Tramp.

Online condolences may be directed to:

Healing Registry on Jul 30, 2020

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Lee & Sherry Sargent on Jul 31, 2020

We just learned of Dale's passing. So very sorry of his passing and will be thinking of you and your family!

Sandra Hughes on Jul 27, 2020

Dale, Class Reunions, Chicken Days and Parades will NEVER be the same without you. Wayne High School Class of 1957 loves and will miss you. Sandi Hughes '57

Cmoore on Jul 1, 2020

Coach.. you were the only coach in football that ever gave me a chance.. I will never forget you.. as a 130lb sophomore I probably didn't have any business playing football.. But that was my best/favorite year in sports I will ever have and I owe it all to you. RIP Coach.. Love You!

George Burnet on Jun 28, 2020

I fondly remember Mr. Tramp as our 9th grade football coach at ASHS. He was incredibly generous with his time and energy, and it was contagious! Under Mr. Tramp we found ourselves working hard and laughing together as a team. He helped us to become better men.

- George Burnet
Class of 78

Emmett and Mary Stevermer on Apr 26, 2020

Dale left lasting memories to so many in the Ames community. He will be missed.
Prayers and sympathy from the Stevermer family'

Carol Payne on Apr 5, 2020

We moved to Ames in 1991 when our oldest son, Tom, started his sophomore year of high school. He was lucky to have Dale as his coach. What a wonderful transition Tom had to Ames High football. Our other two sons, Brad and Greg, also benefited from Dale's coaching. Dale left a lasting legacy not only for our sons but for many others. As fellow parents often said, the sophomore year of football was wonderful. Not only did Dale have many, many successful seasons coaching the sophomores, he had an amazing talent of including many players on his team and enabled team comaradery. Dale lives on in the memories of our sons and the many, many other teenagers and adults in Dale's life.

Bud Legg on Apr 4, 2020

To the Tramp Family - So sorry to hear of Dale's passing. He was a delightful individual who was able to go about his life's work with a unique love and a passion whether coaching, being a friend or Dean of Students. He had the rare gift of administer discipline with a love that let everyone know that any punishment was not personal but resolved at correcting a choice or a behavior. He will me missed greatly by his numerous friends and the thousands of lives he so positively impacted!

ralph rosenberg on Apr 3, 2020

My condolences to the family. My sons, 31 and 27, benefitted from Dales' service to the school system.I benefitted from our friendship over politics

Tory Reimann on Apr 3, 2020

Class of ‘94, sophomore year

Tory Reimann on Apr 3, 2020

Coach Tramp, what I wouldn’t give to play just one more game with you at the helm. To watch you storming up and down the sidelines, barking out plays and encouragement to the guys. To see your sly smile and a pat on the back as we returned to the sidelines was the ultimate reward for a series well played. To once more surround you with our helmets raised high after another victorious game and to watch you raise your fist in triumph. You were a man I admired and deeply respected, even when I got called to your office because of the occasional bad decision I made. Hahaha. Even in good times or bad, you made every kid feel like a champion. You weren’t just a Hall of Fame coach, you were a Hall of Fame mentor and friend. God bless you, Coach. You will forever live on in our hearts and memories.
#61 Tory Reimann
Nose tackle, Class of ‘94

Tom Brekke on Apr 3, 2020

I'm sorry for your loss. I saw him and his son at one of last ISU game this year. If it wasn't for Mr.Tramp I wouldn't got thru High school. Him and me had a very close relationship thru the yrs. I will miss him

Don Williams on Apr 2, 2020

Eileen I feel so for you and your family right now. Dale was great with kids and he really cared a lot for them. For some kids he had to tell it like it is, yet he had a super soft side when necessary. He did the same for young teacher's associates too. He made people feel good around him, and he showed them he cared.

Dave Duit on Apr 2, 2020

My thoughts are with your family. Working with Dale at AHS was an honor. I enjoyed my chats with him in the teachers' lounge. Dale will be missed by all.
Dave Duit

Elizabeth GraftonRobertson on Apr 2, 2020

I really thought Dale was such a friendly man who contributed a lot to Anes High School and our community.He always cheered me on when I served he and Eileen at The Mandarin..He always complimented me and my last few times I saw him he was with his mens group at Village Inn.I would pay him on his shoulders and he always knew who I was .He was going to pay a visit to see me at GeAngelos!Prayers to Eileen and family for peace and fond mrmories.i believe just 3 weeks ago I saw him and have him a little hug.Miss Liz Grafton-Robertson

Tim Stenberg on Apr 2, 2020

Coach Tramp was simply an Ames High Legend both as a Coach and as a Dean of Students. He truly cared for his students and players. He impacted thousands of high school students and had a special place in his heart for students that were struggling in life. He provided life lessons that were usually based upon his core values of honesty and integrity.
Eileen, I just want to express my most heart felt sympathy to you and the entire family.
Heaven is getting a one of a kind Coach.

Judy and Bob Stehr on Apr 2, 2020

Dale was a very special man. He always lived life to the fullest, and it was very contagious to everyone around him. Dale was always very caring, thoughtful, and loving. He was a role model to everyone . He will be missed.

Jon Hunziker on Apr 2, 2020

Eileen and family We send condolences and sympathy on your loss. May you find peace in knowing Dale touched so many by being a great role model and caring person. He truly took an interest in others and appreciated his friends.
Loved playing football for Coach. We would reminiscence about those good times...especially about playing a football game in a blizzard. We couldn’t even see across the field.
Thanks Dale for everything!!!

Joh and Dee Weiss, John III, James, Jeff on Apr 2, 2020

It’s hard to say our earthly good-bye to Dale. All three of our sons play football and were coached and trained by Coach Tramp. Several times we visited his office over their AHS years. :) We were always treated with kindness and respect. John enjoyed playing golf with Dale on Sunday afternoons at Indian Creek Country Club. Dale had a pretty good swing! Someday, by God’s Grace, we will meet again, in the Mansion above. Our love to the family.

Paula Miller-C 313 S Hazel Ave on Apr 2, 2020

R.I.P. Dale Tramp. Sincerely—Paula K. Sharp. Ames High School Grad. 1976

Sandra Daulton Shaughnessy on Apr 1, 2020

This is sad news to say goodbye to Mr. Tramp. I hope his VW bug is waiting for him to continue his journey❤️😢

Brian K. Stoll on Apr 1, 2020

Greetings & Condolences Eileen, Tim, & Todd,

While it was with very heavy heart I learned of my dear friend Dale’s passing, believe we can all take a great measure of solace in how wonderful a Life he Lived, how incredibly many souls he touched, & the blessing it was to have known him!
I may have been his last “Counsel-ee’, from ‘77 to ‘80 (believe he was mostly Dean Of Students by then?). As I recall, my father Al asked that he do him the ‘favor’ of watching over me in my wanton years @ AHS. Dale was a great role model, always positive, encouraged me to participate in the “Volunteers” program, Special Olympics, & try out for the basketball team as a Senior. No question I wouldn’t have graduated the same person without his mentoring, guidance, & encouragement... In the Summers to follow, we had a blast playing pick-up ball at the AHS gym. He would throw me around like a rag-doll (one of the strongest guys I ever played with or against!), but we’d always have a good laugh afterward! Also had great fun with “Hook-Shot Contests” - I rarely won!! I learned much about low post play - & more importantly Life - from Dale! ... Please forgive my blathering on, can’t say enough. Just so glad to have known him, & know he’s rolling up a Hook-Shot while smiling upon us right now!

With sincere condolences,
Brian K. Stoll - AHS ‘80

Bobby Devens on Apr 1, 2020

Love this man! Great teacher, coach and mentor. He still kept in touch 35 years after my graduation from Ames High.

Tom Wilson on Apr 1, 2020

Dale was one hell of a football coach and I will miss his intensity, his constant urging to improve, and for his players to be the best — on the field, in the classroom and in post high school life.

I loved it when Dale would get mad at us - I was an offensive lineman and Coach Tramp did not tolerate offside penalties. I also played linebacker and Coach went crazy when I missed a tackle. Couldn’t blame him either. He’d get so frustrated, his words jumbled. But we got the message. Straighten up. Or do laps.

My condolences to the Tramp family. Dale was a stand up guy. My thoughts are with you.

Tom Wilson, AHS 1974

Eva Bacon on Apr 1, 2020

I was fortunate to not have to visit the Dean at AHS as a teenager, but later in my adult life, Mr. Tramp used to frequent the restaurant I worked at. He always had a smile and a hug for me. I appreciated his kind words and was glad to have known him. My thoughts are with the family and friends.
Eva (Andrew) Bacon '93

Mark Pollmann on Apr 1, 2020

I'm so sorry for your loss. I have always looked up to Dale as a great role model to many and caring person to all. May his family and friends find peace and calm during this tough time.

Mark Pollmann , AHS '89

Missy Wierson on Apr 1, 2020

I will miss mr. tramp

Missy Wierson on Apr 1, 2020

I will miss mr tramp ok from missy Wierson 2t

Catherine Burns on Apr 1, 2020

My sympathy to you Eileen and your family. The tributes to Dale are heartwarming.

Michele Nelson-Steppe on Apr 1, 2020

To the entire Dale Tramp Family,
Sending Love, peace and prayer are such a difficult time.
Michele Nelson-Steppe
AHS ‘83

Todd Guge on Apr 1, 2020

I would not be the man I am today without Dale Tramp. Thank you for being a caring, fair, and understanding dean. I was a difficult teenager who needed a firm disciplinarian, later after I was done with high school I discovered that you had always been my friend. Thank you for all the kind words, and advice over the years, it will be missed greatly! You dedicated your life to education and children, I believe you succeeded with both. Will all this time at home I have been passing many Dale Tramp stories to my wife and youngest daughter, and much more than stories, is my respect and admiration for a life long role model. To Eileen and family, my condolences, my sorrow, but also my fondest remembrance. TMG 92

Greg Widener on Apr 1, 2020

My thoughts are with your family during this hard times
Eileen, Tim and Todd!
Greg Widener

Al Bates on Apr 1, 2020

My condolences on Dale's passing. My memories of the "Land of AHS" are richer for the part Dale played in my years there. With sincere sympathy, Al Bates, AHS Student Council Co-President, 1973.

Clemmye Jackson on Apr 1, 2020

Eileen and family, my family and I send our condolences and heartfelt sympathy . Dale was a great guy! May you find comfort in your fondest memories and our heartfelt prayers for you.

Clemmye Jackson and family (Terri and Toni)

Tammy Tope on Apr 1, 2020

We are so sorry for your loss thinking of you and your family and he will be missed by alot of people

Jean Kelley on Apr 1, 2020

I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Your Faith, Family and Friends will help you through this. Jean Kelley

Jean Kelley on Apr 1, 2020

I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Your Faith, Family and Friends will help you get through this. Jean Kelley

Lindsey on Apr 1, 2020

I am sorry for your loss I will pray for recovery for the family he will be remembered great fully

Keith Duffy on Apr 1, 2020

By a wide margin, the most I ever enjoyed playing any sport was the season I git to play for Coach Tramp. He cared about us as people, not just players, and it showed. Prayers for his friends and family.

Shirley Shaw on Apr 1, 2020

Hi Eileen,
No one can say that Dale didn't "fight the good fight." Your comfort surely will come from knowing how much he was loved and especially how much he loved. That is what "everlasting" is all about.

God Bless you and the Family

Shirley & Ken Shaw

Karen and Eric Hoiberg on Apr 1, 2020

We will always smile when we think of Dale.....he just had a way of making people feel good.....he was interested in others and appreciated friendships. He had a very positive impact on all he met and will live forever in the hearts of all who knew him.

Sicily Canny on Apr 1, 2020

Many memories of Mr. Tramp and him giving me plenty of advice in high school. He will be missed!

Maryjo delacruz on Apr 1, 2020

I have been Dales hairstylist for many years. We exchanged many great stories about life events and about our families. He was very happy and proud of my recent family goals and accomplishments that had been happening. We always shared a few giggles about something funny or a new idea or trend taking place. We always shook hands before he would leave the salon and say ‘see ya later’ . I would embrace the moment as it could be the last. He will always be one of my favorite salon customers. The hardest part about it is when they are called home. The journey goes on. Enjoy Paradise Dale!!! I will miss you and forever grateful to have been your stylist and your friend. Luv Mj ❤️

Russ Moore on Apr 1, 2020

Best coach I ever played for, but even a better friend after high school. Thoughts and prayers for the family.

Julie Lenz on Apr 1, 2020

My sincere sympathies to the Tramp family! Many thoughts and prayers to all of you during this very difficult time! Julie Lenz

Lani McKinney on Apr 1, 2020

He was one of the good ones. Sending love and care to the family. Much love, Craig, Lani, Kekoa and Gavyn McKinney

Jeremy Bents on Apr 1, 2020

Loved playing football for Coach. He invested in my life and lots of others. I recall that season fondly and how much I loved being on that team.

Natasha Terrones on Apr 1, 2020

CandleFLY HIGH Mr.Tramp! Thinking of Eileen and their children today. Tight hugs to you all!

Patty Grove on Apr 1, 2020

We love you Dale....God will take care of now! Until we meet again...RIP.
Patty and Lad



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4:00 PM

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